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Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

About Heritage Community Church

Heritage Community Church is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. Our beliefs are based on the Bible and centered on Jesus Christ.

Our mission is very simple: helping build God's family by loving Him and loving people. That means we’re not about a building or some complicated religious system, but about helping people from all backgrounds discover the joy that comes from knowing and serving Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us at our upcoming weekend service, 10 AM Central, at 500 Remington Avenue here in Bismarck or watch our livestream on Facebook.

We know that going to a new church can be intimidating, so we try to do things in a way where you’ll feel welcome and not like an outsider. When you come, you can participate or just sit back and observe. You’ll discover a personal, casual atmosphere, practical biblical teaching,  and other friendly people pursuing God together.


Everything we do in our services and ministries are designed to point people to God; to grow in grace and knowledge of Him and excel in application of the Christian faith. 


At Heritage Community Church we value the concept of family and we believe church should be a place for people of all ages. Every Sunday we provide children's ministries alongside our regular services, which provides an age-appropriate environment for kids to encounter Christ. Also, we offer youth ministry that meets weekly on Wednesday evenings and sponors activities monthly.


Heritage Community Church is guided by a leadership team who provide overall direction and watch over the spiritual needs of the church. Our pulpit ministers provide sound, practical, biblical teaching at each worship service. They have received theological and pastoral training and are equipped to share God's love with our local community.

Heritage Community Church is blessed to have a leadership team who are truly dedicated to Christ and accomplishing His will.